I will be adding more to this section, as I move more of my class handouts and other information to my website.

Here is a link to the Class Links Handout.

Here are the handouts I use in class:


I have been asked many times, what to buy as far as off camera flash.
This is a list, of products that I have used, or will use in the future.


Also I would like to share some of the Photo groups that are around the area:
Colorado Strobists, a Flickr Group
Fort Collins, a Flickr Group
Loveland Photographic Society, a Photographic Society of America group.
Cheyenne Camera Club


Also I wanted to put up Shooting Recipes, just like food but better. 🙂

Recipes for shooting

Subject Isolation
Wide Open
zoom in
get close
have background far away

Water Falls
small apature 22 33
low ISO 100
ND filter
slow shutter

Fast shutter
medium ISO